Bank Holidays 2017

Bank Holidays in Sweden 2017
Bank HolidaysDay
Sunday 1 January New Year's Day
Friday 6 January Epiphany
Friday 14 April Good Friday
Sunday 16 April Easter Sunday
Monday 17 April Easter Monday
Monday 1 May May 1
Thursday 25 May Ascension Day
Sunday 4 June Pentecost
Tuesday 6 June National Day
Friday 23 June Midsummer Eve
Saturday 24 June Midsummer Day
Saturday 4 November All Saints Day
Sunday 24 December Christmas Eve 
Monday 25 December Christmas Day
Tuesday 26 December Boxing Day
 Sunday 31 December New Year's Eve

Furthermore all Swedish banks are closed on Saturdays.


The legal time in Sweden will be advanced by one hour (i.e. to GMT + 2) from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, this year as from March 26th to October 29th.


The Riksbank works 5 hours the following days for the year 2017
 5 timmars arbetsdag Dag
Thursday 5 January Day before the Epiphany
Thursday 13 April Day before Good Friday
Wednesday 24 May Day before Ascension Day
Friday 2 June
Day before Whitsun Eve
Thursday 22 June
Day before Midsummer Eve
Friday 3 November
Day before All Saints´ Day

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