Systems in the Swedish infrastructure

A smoothly-functioning financial infrastructure is necessary to ensure that payments and securities transactions can be executed. The systems described below form the cornerstones of the financial infrastructure in Sweden.


RIX is the payment system for largevalue payments and the hub of the Swedish financial infrastructure, as RIX handles payments to and from the banks' accounts.


Bankgirocentralen BGC AB (Bankgirot ) is the payment system for retail payments. Retail payments, consisting of both its own Bankgiro products and other payment products, are mediated via Bankgirot's payment system.


Euroclear Sweden AB (Euroclear Sweden) is a central securities depository which means that Euroclear Sweden clears and settles transactions from the stock market fixed income securities. Some transactions on the derivatives market are also settled at Euroclear Sweden.


NASDAQ OMX Clearing AB is a central counterparty for equity, fixed income and commodity derivatives as well as repos and thus manages the risk entailed in an open position towards a counterparty.


EuroCCP acts as a central counterparty for 18 European marketplaces. In Sweden EuroCCP clears shares on the LargeCap list on NASDAQ OMX' Nordic stock exchanges.


Continuous Linked Settlement (CLS) Bank is a settlement system for foreign exchange transactions that is designed to eliminate settlement risk ("principal risk") in foreign exchange transactions.


Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) supplies the market with a network and message standards for financial transactions.


SwapClear is one part of the British central counterparty LCH.Clearnet Ltd. SwapClear clears interest rate swaps in several different currencies, including interest rate swaps denominated in Swedish krona.

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