Financial regulatory frameworks

Financial regulations are an important part of the work to prevent financial crises. This includes, for example, standards for the financial infrastructure and how individual institutions are regulated and managed in a crisis.

When the Riksbank influences the form and content of financial regulatory frameworks we aim to establish regulations for which the economic benefits outweigh the economic costs. As regulations may lead to financial services becoming more expensive, this often entails difficult trade-offs between stability and efficiency.

The Riksbank's work with Swedish regulations

The Riksbank regularly responds to official reports and consultations that contain proposals on Swedish laws, regulations and general guidelines. We also influence Swedish regulations by taking part in the public debate, for example by making speeches and writing articles.

The Riksbank's work with international regulations

Financial actors and markets are becoming increasingly international and an increasing amount of the work on producing financial regulatory frameworks takes place at the international level. The Riksbank participates in a number of important international forums:


Within the framework of EU cooperation, the Riksbank participates in the EU's Economic and Financial Committee (EFC), which advises the ECOFIN Council and the European Commission on important economic policy and financial matters. Within the BIS, the Riksbank also participates in the Committee on the Global Financial System (CGFS) and the Committee on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPSS).


The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) hosts several international committees, including the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision which is chaired by the Governor of the Riksbank, Stefan Ingves. The Basel Committee draws up international standards for banking supervision.

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