Help the Riksbank develop a technical solution for a potential e-krona

Today, cash is used to an ever-decreasing extent in Sweden, which has led us within the world of central banking to start considering whether a digital complement to cash that is guaranteed by the state is needed so that we will be able to promote a safe and efficient payment system in the future too. Consequently, in mid-March, we launched a project with the aim of investigating the need for a so-called e-krona and the possible consequences of introducing such a complement.

The project has developed a concept for the e-krona and now wishes to open up a broad dialogue on this concept to identify the best possible technical solution. The Riksbank has not yet taken any decision to issue an e-krona, but we are continuing the work to ensure we are prepared to take the next step if the Executive Board so decides.

The Riksbank has received 40 or so proposals for technical solutions for the e-krona. All of the proposals received have been evaluated and the project has now invited in those participants whose proposed solutions are of interest to the project at this stage. The project would like to express its gratitude to everybody who has contributed with proposals for how a technical solution for the e-krona could be designed and will renew contact if it should become suitable to meet at a later stage.

If you have any questions, contact us at Please note that the project has limited opportunities to answer questions and will answer as time allows.

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