Published about financial stability

Picture on the financial stability reportThe Financial Stability Report is published twice a year and contains the Riksbank's analyses and assessments of the stability of the financial system in Sweden. You can use the links to download the report or to order printed copies.


In addition to the Riksbank's analyses of stability, the Report also contains a number of articles. These are either more in-depth discussions of particular fields or describe issues related to financial stability where the Riksbank wishes to clarify its policy.



Picture of The Swedish Financial Market

The Swedish Financial Market gives a detailed description of the financial sector in Sweden. The topics covered include the equity market, the fixed income and foreign exchange markets, and their derivatives markets, banks, insurance companies, securities companies and the major systems for payments in Sweden.


In addition to presenting statistics for the financial sector's different components, the publication also explains how these markets, institutions and systems work and what their main functions are in the economy.


The publication is issued once a year and is mainly based on annual data.

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