The Financial Stability Council

The Financial Stability Council is a forum in which representatives of the Government, Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority), the Swedish National Debt Office and Sveriges Riksbank regularly meet to discuss issues of financial stability and how financial imbalances can be counteracted.

If a financial crisis should arise, the Council would also function as a forum for the discussion of possible measures for handling the crisis.


Meetings of the Council are chaired by the Minister for Financial Markets. Other members are the Director General of Finansinspektionen, the Director General of the Swedish National Debt Office and the Governor of the Riksbank.


The Government and the authorities represented on the Council decide independently what measures should be taken within their respective areas of responsibility. The deliberations of the Council are published within two weeks of each meeting.


The Financial Stability Council's website contains information on coming meetings and minutes of previous meetings.



The Financial Stability Council replaced the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy in 2013.

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