Council for cooperation on macroprudential policy

The Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy was closed down and replaced in 2013 by the Financial Stability Council.

In 2012, Sveriges Riksbank and Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) jointly set up the Council for Cooperation on Macroprudential Policy. The purpose of the Council was to prevent risks in the financial system. It also provided a forum for the discussion of analyses and the development of tools and methods in the area of macroprudential supervision.

The Financial Stability Council

The Financial Stability Council replaced the Council for Cooperation in 2013. Representatives of the Government, Finansinspektionen, the Swedish National Debt Office and Sveriges Riksbank regularly meet there to discuss issues of financial stability and how financial imbalances can be counteracted.


This is macroprudential policy

Macroprudential policy deals with reducing the risks to the financial system as a whole. The authorities responsible for macroprudential policy influence and are influenced by other policy areas such as monetary policy, micro supervision and fiscal policy. Consequently, there must be good conditions for close coordination and exchange of information between these areas.

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