Collection of information

The Riksbank regularly collects information from various sources to be able to assess the stability of the financial system.

An important part of the collection of information by the Riksbank takes place through its continual dialogue with banks and other participants in the financial markets.

Financial market statistics from both Statistics Sweden and the Riksbank's own sources

The Riksbank has commissioned Statistics Sweden (SCB) to compile financial market statistics ( These statistics consist of information on Swedish financial institutions and Swedish financial markets. They are gathered every month and include information on liabilities and assets among companies in the financial sector, current lending and borrowing rates and other information.


The Riksbank also gathers statistics itself from banks and financial infrastructure companies. These include, for example, information on the banks' commitments to each other and the number of transactions in the financial infrastructure.

Surveys of financial market participants and the general public

When necessary, the Riksbank carries out its own surveys of the financial markets. For example, we carry out a risk survey twice per year. The aims of this survey are to obtain participants' views of risks on the Swedish fixed-income and foreign exchange markets and to understand their view of the functioning of the financial market.


The Riksbank has also conducted surveys to study how the Swedish public carries out payments.

The importance of participating in international contexts

The Riksbank also collects information by participating in international cooperation.

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