Communication for promoting financial stability

The Riksbank has no binding tools to influence participants in the financial system. Instead, we primarily exert influence by communication. The systemic risks we identify are communicated and disseminated both publicly and in dialogue with the participants.

The Riksbank's views on financial stability are communicated in several different ways.


We also use communication to spread knowledge of national and international regulations and to express our views of these regulations.


In our communication, we strive to be as open and clear as possible. If there is unease or a crisis in the financial system, the Riksbank needs to communicate its overall assessments of financial stability more rapidly and more often. If communication is to be clear, it is particularly important to carefully consider what is to be communicated, when this communication is to take place and how.

The Riksbank makes recommendations

In its Financial Stability Reports, the Riksbank publishes specific recommendations aimed at counteracting risks. These recommendations may be aimed at banks and other market participants, as well as at legislators and other authorities. They could be grounded in the current economic/financial situation or could deal with more structural circumstances, with a background in current regulatory issues.


The aim is to encourage the agents to reduce their risk-taking in the financial sector and/or strengthen their resilience to shocks.

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