Notes and coins

Invalid notes

These 100 and 500-krona banknotes are invalid. You can no longer make payments with them, but you can still deposit them into your bank account until 30 June 2018. Please contact your bank in advance to find out the easiest way to do this.

Bild på de snart ogiltiga 100- och 500-kronorssedlarna.

Invalid coins

These 1, 2 and 5-krona coins are invalid. You can no longer make payments with them, or redeem them at the banks or the Riksbank.

Bild på de snart ogiltiga 1-, 2-, och 5-kronan.


Schedule for the banknote and coin changeover

App: Kolla pengarna

The app "Kolla pengarna" (Check your money) gives you a complete overview of Sweden's new banknotes and coins.


Learn when old banknotes became invalid by playing the banknote game or investigate the new banknotes' security features so that you can tell a genuine banknote from a counterfeit one.

App: Kolla pengarna

The Riksbank is responsible for providing Swedish banknotes and coins. The Riksbank has an office through which it supplies banknotes to the banks and receives them back from the banks. The Riksbank also supplies and receives in return coins through a cash-in-transit company dealing with coins on behalf of the Riksbank. The banks, or their agents, then distribute the banknotes and coins to the retail trade and the general public.