Redeeming invalid banknotes

The Riksbank redeems all Swedish banknotes that are invalid, as long as there is no suspicion that they may be linked to a crime, for instance a cash-in-transit robbery. Read more in the Riksbank's regulations.


PLEASE NOTE! The Riksbank does not accept foreign banknotes for redemption.

The Riksbank's fee is SEK 100

The Riksbank only redeems banknotes if their total value exceeds SEK 100. This is because we charge an administration fee of SEK 100 for each case, regardless of how many banknotes are involved or the size of the amount to be redeemed.

How to redeem invalid banknotes

You can redeem invalid banknotes in two different ways:


Alternative 1

  • Use the Riksbank's Online form to fill in your details directly online and then post your banknote to the Riksbank.



Alternative 2

  • Print out and fill in the Riksbank's offline Form and then post it to the Riksbank, together with your banknotes.

You need to have a BankID or a mobile BankID to use the online form. Read more here about how to proceed if you would like to apply for a BankID or a mobile BankID.

Online form

Fill in your details directly on the website and sign using BankID or mobile BankID.



Log in using BankID or mobile BankID:

You are using an old version of Internet Explorer. If possible, switch to another browser. Otherwise please use the PDF form.
Read how to get BankID


Fill in your details on the form and sign it

If you would like to have your money deposited in an account in a foreign bank or if you are representing somebody else, we ask you to use the offline form.


After you have completed the Riksbank's web form, you should send the banknotes to the Riksbank, we can accept normal post as well as recommended and registered letters. Contact your local post office for information on the postal service's insurance terms. The address is:


Sveriges Riksbank
SE-103 37 Stockholm


We do not have any offices you can visit to redeem banknotes.


It usually takes two weeks before the money is deposited in your account. At the moment we have a high level of activity and therefore it is taking longer than normal to process applications. The Riksbank does not send any kind of notification when the money is deposited in your account.


Please do not send any valid banknotes to the Riksbank, only banknotes that are invalid. Neither is it possible to send coins to the Riksbank, as we do not redeem coins.


Do you have any questions?

Contact the Riksbank, telephone 08-787 09 06. Telephone hours are non-holiday weekdays, 08.00–12.00. It is also possible to contact us via email at

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