Invalid coins

Coins invalid 2017

Up until 30 June 2017, all 1-, 2- and 5-krona coins minted between 1875 and 2013 were legal tender. They are now invalid. But they can still be redeemed at banks until 31 August 2017.

Bild på ogiltiga 1-, 2- och 5-kronor. 

On the 1-krona, 2-krona and 5-krona pages we can read more about these invalid coins.



Invalid öre coins

The final date on which coins in the respective denomination were legal tender:

 Denomination Date 
 1 öre  30 June 1972
 2 öre  30 June 1972
 5 öre  30 June 1985
 10 öre  30 September 1992
 25 öre  30 June 1985
 50 öre  30 September 2010


The Riksbank does not redeem invalid öre coins

Coins that are no longer legal tender cannot be redeemed by the banks or the Riksbank. These coins can be regarded as scrap metal and can therefore be left for metal recycling.

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