Colour: Gold.

Metal content: Alloy of copper, aluminium, zinc and tin.
Weight: 6.60 grammes.
Diameter: 20.5 millimetres.
Thickness: 2.90 millimetres.
Edge: Partially smooth, partially milled.
Designers: Ernst Nordin and Marita Norin (coins from 2001). Marita Norin (coins from 1991).


There are also 10-krona coins minted from 1991 and designed by Marita Norin:


  •  A portrait of King Carl XVI Gustaf in profile.
  • Legend: "Carl XVI Gustaf Sveriges konung" (Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden) and King Carl XVI Gustaf's motto "För Sverige - I tiden" (For Sweden – With the times).


  • The figure "10" against a background of the lesser coat of arms without the escutcheon.
  • Year of minting.
  • The text "kronor".