Design of the coins

Sun, wind and water – a popular song title by Swedish artist Ted Gärdestad – inspired designer Ernst Nordin when modelling the new coins.

The Riksbank decided in 2010 to renew the Swedish coin series, which consists of the denominations 1, 2, 5 and 10-krona. The 1, 2 and 5-krona coins have been given a new design, while the 10-krona coin remained unchanged.





Bild på enkrona, baksida

Bild på tvåkrona, baksida Bild på femkrona, baksida


Illustration av sol


Illustration av vind Illustration av vatten


The design of the coins is determined by the General Council of the Riksbank. The main theme of the coin series is still "Sweden's head of state" in accordance with long tradition. Designer Ernst Nordin's artistic theme of "Sun, wind and water" was chosen from five different design proposals. Part of the citation was:


"The theme "Sun, wind and water is an appropriate and apt theme that complements the main theme of the series "Sweden's head of state". The overall impression is of a beautiful and user-friendly coin series based on a fine balance of innovation and Swedish coin tradition."


Picture of the 2-krona coin. Front and back


The coins also bear their denomination, year of minting, the text "Sverige" (Sweden), the first letter of the place of issue, the initials of the Governor of the Riksbank and the designer's initials ("EN" for Ernst Nordin). On the coins' reverse (where the denomination is), there are two letters. The letter to the left stands for the place of issue, which is to say "S" for Stockholm, where the Riksbank has its head office. The letters to the right stand for the first letters of the Governor of the Riksbank's first name and surname.

Material and design

The 1-krona and 2-krona coins are made of copper-plated steel, meaning that the coins have a core of steel and a thin outer layer of copper. The coins are copper-coloured.


The 5-krona and 10-krona coins are made of an alloy of copper, aluminium, zinc and tin. The coins are gold-coloured.
The materials and sizes of the coins
 Denomination Materials Diameter millimetres Width millimetres Weight gram 
 1-krona Copper-plated steel 19,50  1,79  3,60
 2-krona Copper-plated steel 22,50  1,79   4,80
 5-krona Alloy of copper, aluminium, zinc and tin 23,75  1,95   6,10
 10-krona Alloy of copper, aluminium, zinc and tin  20,50 2,90   6,60

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