Artistic starting point

In spring 2011, the Riksbank announced a competition to design Sweden’s new banknotes. The competition was concluded in April 2012. After the competition jury had assessed all of the entries, the General Council of the Riksbank chose Göran Österlund’s “Kulturresan” (Cultural Journey) as the winning entry.  It will therefore form the artistic basis for the new banknotes.


Bild på det vinnande bidraget


20 kronor

Astrid Lindgren


Copyright holders

Photo of Astrid Lindgren: Jacob Forsell/ Scanpix

Drawing of Pippi Långstrump: Ingrid Vang Nyman/ Saltkråkan

200 kronor

Ingmar Bergman


Copyright holders

Photo of Ingmar Bergman: Frederick-Edwin Bertin

Photo from the filming of ”Sjunde inseglet”: Louis Huch/Svensk filmindustri

50 kronor

Evert Taube


Copyright holders

Photo of Evert Taube: Bengt Adin

Notes from Evert Taubes ”Så länge skutan kan gå”/ Universal Music Publishing

500 kronor

Birgit Nilsson


Copyright holders

Photo of Birgit Nilsson and from the performance of ”Valkyrian”: Enar Merkel Rydberg/Kungliga Operan

100 kronor

Greta Garbo


Copyright holders

Photo of Greta Garbo: Clarence Sinclair Bull/Warner Bros

1000 kronor

Dag Hammarskjöld


Copyright holders

Photo of Dag Hammarskjöld: Yousuf Karsh
Photo from Lappland: Claes Grundsten


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