Colour, material and format

Colours and sizes

The main range of colours and format will be: 



Measurement in millimetres

20 krona Purple 120*66
50 krona Yellow/orange 126*66
100 krona Blue 133*66
200 krona Green 140*66
500 krona Red 147*66
1,000 krona Grey-brown 154*66


Illustration: main range of clours and format



The banknotes will be

  • made of cotton paper
  • of thicker paper than the current banknotes, which improves the quality
  • equipped with special features in intaglio print for the visually impaired.

Considerations regarding choice of material, format and range of colours

The Riksbank needs to take into account several requirements when producing new banknotes:

  • It should be easy for everyone to recognise a genuine banknote.
  • The notes should be difficult to counterfeit.
  • The banknotes should be easily distinguished from one another.
  • The notes should have as little impact on the environment as possible.
  • The notes should be hard-wearing.



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