The Riksbank is responsible for providing Sweden with banknotes via the banks. The banks, or their agents, then distribute the banknotes to the retail trade and the general public.

The Riksbank does not have any cashier’s office for the general public to redeem banknotes. However, the Riksbank can in certain cases redeem banknotes sent by post. Read more about the type of banknotes and what to do here in the links in the menu. 

The design of the notes

The General Council of the Riksbank decides on the design and appearance of the banknotes issued by the Riksbank.


The idea behind the choice of persons depicted on the banknotes is that they shall represent their own time, while their deeds have significance for our time.

The signatures on Swedish banknotes are those of the Chairman of the Riksbank’s General Council and the Governor of the Riksbank.

The banknote number shows which year the note was printed. The first digit is the last figure of the printing year, while the second and third digits show which decade the note was printed, according to a special code. 


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