Monetary Policy Report and Update

Picture of the Monetary Policy Report

The Riksbank’s Monetary Policy Report (formerly the Inflation Report) is published three times a year. The report describes the deliberations made by the Riksbank when deciding what would be an appropriate monetary policy to conduct. The report contains a description of the future prospects for inflation and economic activity based on the interest rate path that the Riksbank currently considers will provide a well-balanced monetary policy. Each report also contains a description of the new information received since the previous report and an assessment of how the Riksbank views the current economic situation.

The purpose of a monetary policy report is to produce background material for monetary policy decisions, and to spread knowledge about the Riksbank’s assessments.


On the three other occasions a press release and a monetary policy update are published; the latter containing a limited number of forecasts for central macroeconomic variables.

Date Header
Monetary Policy Report, February 2015 1 MB *
Monetary Policy Report, February 2015, slides 6 MB
Monetary Policy Report February 2015, Numerical data on which the diagrams are based 1 MB
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You can order printed versions of reports for this year and last year. Reports from earlier years can be downloaded as PDF files here on the Riksbank's website.