Picture of o Working PaperThe Working Paper Series presents research reports on matters in the sphere of activities of the Riksbank that are considered to be of interest to a wider public. The papers are to be regarded as reports on ongoing studies and the authors will be pleased to receive comments.

The views expressed in Working Papers are the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Executive Board of Sveriges Riksbank in the matters concerned.


Working Paper


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No. 99 Medium- Term Forecasts of Potential GDP and Inflation Using Age Structure Information
No 98. Targeting inflation over the short, medium and long term
No 97. Bayesian Prediction with a Cointegrated Vector Autoregression
No. 96. Swedish Export Price Determination: Pricing to Market Shares?
No 95. Investment in Swedish Manufacturing: Analysis and Forecasts
No 94. Uncertainty about length of the Monetary Policy Transmission Lag: Implications fo Monetary Policy
No 93. The Quest for Prosperity Without Inflation
No 92. Eurosystem Monetary Targeting: Lessons from U.S. Data
No 91. Price Stability as a Target for Monetary Policy: Defining and Maintaining Price Stability
No 90. Sources of Real Exchange Rate Fluctuations in the Nordic Countries
No 89. External Economies at the Firm Level: Evidence from Swedish Manufacturing
No 88. GARCH, Implied Volatilities and Implied Distributions: An Evaluation for Forecasting Purposes
No 87. Retail Price Levels and Concentrations of Wholesalers, Retailers and Hypermarkets
No 86. The Informational Advantage of Foreign Investors: An Empirical Study of the Swedish Bond Market
No 85. Predicting monetary policy using federal funds future prices
No 84. Should central banks be more aggressive?
No 83. Monetary policy with uncertain parameters
No 82. Are There Price Bubbles in the Swedish Equity Market?
No 81. Exchange Rate Exposure, Foreign Involvement and Currency Hedging of firms - some Swedish evidence
No 80. A Parametric Approach for Estimating Core Inflation and Interprenting the Inflation Process