Picture of o Working PaperThe Working Paper Series presents research reports on matters in the sphere of activities of the Riksbank that are considered to be of interest to a wider public. The papers are to be regarded as reports on ongoing studies and the authors will be pleased to receive comments.

The views expressed in Working Papers are the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Executive Board of Sveriges Riksbank in the matters concerned.


Working Paper


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No 119. Average Inflation Targeting
No 118. Causality and Regime Inference in a Markov Switching VAR
No 117. Supply shocks and real exchange rates
No 116. Qualitative Survey Responses and Production over the Business Cycle
No 115. UIP for short investments in long-term bonds
No 114. Monetary Policy Analysis in Backward-Looking Models
No 113. Testing for the Lucas Critique: A Quantitative Investigation
No 112. Financial Variables and the Conduct of Monetary Policy
No 111. Estimating the Implied Distribution of the Future Short-Term Interest Rate Using the Longstaff-Schwartz Model
No 110. Core inflation and monetary policy
No 109. An alternative interpretation of the recent U.S. inflation performance
No 108. An Expectations-Augmented Phillips Curve in an Open Economy
No 107. Unemployment and inflation regimes
No 106. Price-level targeting versus inflation targeting in a forward-looking model
No 105. Conducting Monetary Policy with a Collegial Board: The New Swedish Legislation One Year On
No 104. Empirical Estimation and the Quarterly Projection Model: An Example Focusing on the External Sector
No 103. Optimal Horizons for Inflation Targeting
No 102. A Bivariate Distribution for Inflation and Output Forecasts
No 101. Wage Effects of Mobility, Unemployment Benefits and Benefit Financing
No 100. Inflation Forecast Targeting: the Swedish Experience