Working Paper Series 2007

Picture of o Working PaperThe Working Paper Series presents research reports on matters in the sphere of activities of the Riksbank that are considered to be of interest to a wider public. The papers are to be regarded as reports on ongoing studies and the authors will be pleased to receive comments.

The views expressed in Working Papers are the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Executive Board of Sveriges Riksbank in the matters concerned.


Working Paper


Date Header
No. 214 Introducing Financial Frictions and Unemployment into a Small Open Economy Model (Revised)
No. 218 The Riksbank’s Forecasting Performance
No. 217 Do Central Banks React to House Prices?
No. 216 Bayesian forecast combination for VAR models
No. 215 Earnings Inequality and the Equity Premium
No. 213 Using a New Open Economy Macroeconomics model to make real nominal exchange rate forecasts
No. 212 The Costs of Paying – Private and Social Costs of Cash and Card Payments
No. 211 Nonparametric Regression Density Estimation Using Smoothly Varying Normal Mixtures
No. 210 Acquisition versus greenfield: The impact of the mode of foreign bank entry on information and bank lending rates*
No. 209 Sticky Information vs. Sticky Prices: A Horse Race in a DSGE Framework
No. 208 Financial Frictions, Investment and Tobin’s q
No. 207 Financial structure, Managerial Compensation and Monitoring
No. 206 Optimal Monetary Policy under Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity
No. 205 Bank supervision Russian style: Evidence of conflicts between micro- and macroprudential concerns
No. 204 The Use of Cash and the Size of the Shadow Economy in Sweden
No. 203 Evaluating An Estimated New Keynesian Small Open Economy Model
No. 202 The geography of asset holdings: Evidence from Sweden
No. 201. Price Setting Transactions and the Role of Denominating Currency in FX Markets