Working Paper Series 2013

Picture of o Working PaperThe Working Paper Series presents research reports on matters in the sphere of activities of the Riksbank that are considered to be of interest to a wider public. The papers are to be regarded as reports on ongoing studies and the authors will be pleased to receive comments.

The views expressed in Working Papers are the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Executive Board of Sveriges Riksbank in the matters concerned.


Working Paper


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No. 283 Debt Dynamics and Monetary Policy: A Note
No. 282 A wake-up call: information contagion and strategic uncertainty
No. 281 Lines of Credit and Investment: Firm-Level Evidence of Real Effects of the Financial Crisis
No. 280 Firm-Level Evidence of Shifts in the Supply of Credit
No. 279 Predicting the Spread of Financial Innovations: An Epidemiological Approach
No. 278 Distortionary Fiscal Policy and Monetary Policy Goals
No. 277 A detrimental feedback loop: deleveraging and adverse selection
No. 276 Approximate dynamic programming with postdecision states as a solution method for dynamic economic models
No. 275 Business Cycle Implications of Mortgage Spreads (Updated March 2014)
No. 275 Appendices for 'Business Cycle Implications of Mortgage Spreads' (Updated March 2014)
No. 274 The Redistributive Effects of Inflation: an International Perspective
No. 273 Identifying Fiscal Inflation
No. 272 Housing Choices and Labor Income Risk
No. 271 Un-truncating VARs
No. 270 A Note on Nominal GDP Targeting and the Zero Lower Bound
No. 269 Conditional euro area sovereign default risk
No. 268 Dynamic mixture-of-experts models for longitudinal and discrete-time survival data
No. 267 Using Financial Markets To Estimate the Macro Effects of Monetary Policy: An Impact-Identified FAVAR*
No. 266 Long-Term Relationship Bargaining
No. 265 Pension Wealth and Household Savings in Europe: Evidence from SHARELIFE