Working Paper Series

Picture of o Working PaperThe Working Paper Series presents research reports on matters in the sphere of activities of the Riksbank that are considered to be of interest to a wider public. The papers are to be regarded as reports on ongoing studies and the authors will be pleased to receive comments.

The views expressed in Working Papers are the responsibility of the authors and should not be interpreted as reflecting the views of the Executive Board of Sveriges Riksbank in the matters concerned.


Working Paper


Date Header
No. 344 Identification and Estimation issues in Exponential Smooth Transition Autoregressive Models 8 MB
No. 345 Domestic and External Sovereign Debt 508 kB
No. 343 House Prices, Home Equity, and Personal Debt Composition 653 kB
No. 333 Financial Literacy Externalities (Revised October 2017) 312 kB
No. 342 Household Debt and Monetary Policy: Revealing the Cash-Flow Channel 657 kB
No. 341 Systemic Risk: A New Trade-Off for Monetary Policy? 839 kB
No. 340 International business cycles: quantifying the effects of a world market for oil 496 kB
No. 338 Latency Arbitrage When Markets Become Faster 701 kB
No. 339 How big is the toolbox of a central banker? Managing expectations with policy-rate forecasts: Evidence from Sweden 843 kB
No. 337 Asymmetric Macro-Financial Spillovers 1 MB
No. 335 Quantitative easing and the price-liquidity trade-off 522 kB
No. 336 What Broker Charges Reveal about Mortgage Credit Risk 696 kB
No. 334 The timing of uncertainty shocks in a small open economy 364 kB
No. 332 Oil prices in a real-businesscycle model with precautionary demand for oil 472 kB
No. 331 Money, Credit and Banking and the Cost of Financial Activity 868 kB
No. 329 Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice 1 MB
No. 330 Uncertain pension income and household saving 368 kB
No. 328 Adjusting for Information Content when Comparing Forecast Performance 675 kB
No. 326 Endogenous Separations, Wage Rigidities and Employment Volatility 290 kB
No. 327 Renovatio Monetae: Gesell Taxes in Practice 452 kB