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As our work is usually both independent and demanding, you will have to be both committed and motivated to succeed at your job.

Constantly developing

The Riksbank offers you skills development every day – through your colleagues you have constant opportunities to learn new things. Our members of staff are highly competent, both academically and experientially, and the possibilities for learning are endless. The only limit is your own level of ambition. We also offer a number of courses and seminars where necessary.

Good working environment

We want the Riksbank to be an attractive workplace with a working environment that increases staff motivation, job satisfaction and efficiency. We therefore work systematically on working environment issues as part of our day-to-day activities.

Equal rights

We consider that groups consisting of people with different experiences and perspectives are more efficient and dynamic than groups consisting of individuals who are very similar. Therefore, we aim to promote equal rights, opportunities and obligations for all members of staff at the Riksbank. All members of staff shall be assessed and evaluated objectively, which is followed up every year in the areas of working conditions, wage formation, recruitment and discrimination.

International challenges

Our activities are increasingly influenced by developments abroad. By always having employees stationed around the world, increasing their competence, we can also deepen and broaden the Riksbank's competence and influence. It is also seen as positive for an employee's career path to spend some time working in an international environment before returning to the Riksbank.

Working abroad may be for a shorter or longer period. It can range from a three-month exchange with another central bank to a two-year period of service with an organisation linked to the Riksbank.

The Riksbank's international work

International cooperation for expert assistance

Leadership development

We invest substantially in leadership development and support for our managers in the form of individual coaching and an extensive leadership development programme. Regular get-togethers for managers allow them to exchange experiences and strengthen their internal network. The quality of each manager's leadership is followed up annually in our employee survey, and we are proud of the fact that we show a very strong leadership index, year after year!


Being a manager at the Riksbank entails considerable responsibility. Managerial competence and leadership are decisive to the way in which the Riksbank succeeds in carrying out its tasks and achieving its goals. Leadership also has considerable significance for employees' motivation, work performance and job satisfaction. The working climate at the Riksbank should motivate and involve people.


Employeeship at the Riksbank is our joint platform that tells us what we expect from one another and from ourselves, how we should act and what responsibility we have. Our employeeship – our overall behaviour – creates our culture. Our culture is what we do, think, say – both individually and together. Ultimately, the employees' overall behaviour will determine whether or not we succeed.

We have together determined what behaviour we would like to see from our managers, ourselves and our colleagues so that we can live up to our guiding principle; Results, Initiative, Competence, Cooperation and Job satisfaction and thereby create good conditions to attain our objectives and strive for our vision to be "among the best".

Below you can see our employeeship matrix. Click on the image to see a larger version (only available in Swedish).

Picture of the employeeship matrix

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