Foto: Sandra Birgersdotter


The Financial Stability Department (AFS) produces the material the Executive Board needs to work with the Riksbank's statutory task of promoting a safe and efficient payment mechanism.

The purpose of AFS' work is that the Riksbank should be able to identify at an early stage any risks that might mean that the financial system would no longer be stable and efficient. If such risks exist, the Riksbank tries to affect the market participants concerned through discussions with them and by generally providing information about the problem, for instance in the Financial Stability Report published twice a year. AFS is also responsible for ensuring that the Riksbank can manage a financial crisis, if one should nevertheless arise.


The department works in close collaboration with authorities such as Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority) and the Ministry of Finance, Swedish banks and with other participants in the financial markets. Outside Sweden, the department participates in a large number of committees and working groups with various purposes, for instance in the ECB/EU and BIS.


Olof Sandstedt is Head of the department from 14 November 2017.


In addition to a staff of advisers, the department consists of six divisions:

  • Banking Analysis
  • Financial Infrastructure Analysis
  • Financial Analysis and Intelligence
  • Policy and Analysis
  • Stability and Macroprudential Analysis
  • Applied Research and Modelling