Fields: Household finance, macroprudential policy, prediction markets


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  • Ph.D. Economics, 2009, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
  • M.Sc. Economics, 2004, Lund University, Sweden
  • B.Sc. International history, 2000, London School of Economics, UK
  • International Baccalaureate, 1995, Atlantic College, Wales

Work in progress and working papers

"Subjective borrowing constraints and intergenerational transmission"

Selected publications in refereed journals

"Evaluating replicability of laboratory experiments in economics", with C F Camerer, A Dreber, E Forsell, T Ho, J Huber, M Johannesson, M Kirchler, A Altmejd, T Chan, E Heikensten, F Holzmeister, T Imai, S Isaksson, G Nave, T Pfeiffer, M Razen, H Wu, Science, March 2016.

"Using prediction markets to estimate the reproducibility of scientific research", with A Dreber, T Pfeiffer, S Isaksson, B Wilson, Y Chen, B Nosek and M Johannesson, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, November 2015.

"Gender, stock market participation and financial literacy", with A Dreber, Economics Letters 137, 2015.

"Using prediction markets to forecast research evaluations", with M R Munafo, T Pfeiffer, A Altmejd, E Heikensten, A Bird, Y Chen, B Wilson, M Johannesson and A Dreber, Royal Society Open Science, October 2015.

"The hidden costs of hidden debt", with A Karapetyan, Review of Finance 18(6), 2014.

"Exponential growth bias and financial literacy", with C Gerdes, Applied Economics Letters 19(17), 2012.

"Financial literacy and retirement planning in Sweden", with J Säve-Söderbergh, Journal of Pension Economics and Finance 10(4), 2011.

"An experiment on prediction markets in science", with T Pfeiffer and K Kittlitz. PLoS ONE 4(12): e8500, 2009.

"Lady and the Trump: status and wealth in the marriage market", with A Dreber. Kyklos 62(2), 2009.

Book chapters

"Economics and evolution: complementary perspectives on cooperation", with A Dreber, Evolution, Games, and God, edited by S Coakley and M Nowak. Harvard University Press, 2013.

"Reward and punishment in dictator games with multiple recipients", with A Dreber, D G Rand and C L Apicella. Psychology of Punishment, edited by N M Palmetti and J Russo, Nova Press, 2011.

Selected policy publications

"Taxing financial transactions", with M Wiberg, Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review, 2012.


"Räknefärdighet och finansiell förmåga", Ekonomisk Debatt, 39(5), 2011.

"Numeracy, financial literacy and household finance", with D Finocchiaro. Sveriges Riksbank Economic Commentary, 2011.