Fields: Banking and Financial Intermediation, Financial Economics and Monetary Policy.


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Work in process and working papers

"Strategic Choice of Delinquencies under Firm Liquidity Constraints".


"Fear, Anger and Credit. On Bank Robberies and Loan Conditions", with Steven Ongena.


"The Impact of Sharing Credit Information, Evidence from a Quasi-Experimental Variation", with Kasper Roszbach and Marieke Bos.


"An alternative methodology for estimating credit quality transition matrices", 2009, with Jose Eduardo Gómez-Gonzales, Fernando Pineda and Nancy Zamudio, Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions 2, 353 – 364.

"Bank lending channel of monetary policy: Evidence for Colombia, using a firms' panel data", 2009, with Jose Eduardo Gómez-Gonzales, China-USA Business Review 8, 1-7.


Book chapters

"Competition in Banking", with Hans Degryse and Steven Ongena in Allen N. Berger, Philip Molyneux, and John O. S. Wilson, Oxford Handbook of Banking, Oxford University Press, 2nd edition, forthcoming.

Policy publications

"Asset Valuations and Financial Stability" (with Paolo Giordani, Anna Grodecka, Simon Kwan, Dilan Ölcer and Erik Spector), Economic Commentaries, No. 15. 2015, Sveriges Riksbank, Sweden.


"La estructura del mercado interbancario y del riesgo de contagio en Colombia" ( with Dairo Estrada), Journal of Financial Stability, No 17. 2009, Bank of Spain. Spain.


"Vulnerabilidad del sistema financiero colombiano ante fluctuaciones en los ingresos de las empresas exportadoras" (with Juan Carlos Mendoza), Temas de Estabilidad Financiera, No 34. 2008, Banco de la Republica, Colombia.


Bachelor Theses in Finance [B.Sc. Business Administration](2012, 2013, 2014), Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Supervisor.

Finance II [B.Sc. Economist](2013), Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Teaching Assistant.

Finance I [B.Sc. Business Administration](2012, 2013), Tilburg University, The Netherlands, Teaching Assistant.

Discrete events simulations [B.Sc. Industrial Engineering](2005, 2006), Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, Teaching Assistant.

Programming - C++ language [B.Sc. Engineering](2004), Universidad de los Andes, Colombia, Teaching Assistant.