Fields: household finance, retirement savings, labor productivity, banking


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  • Ph.D. Economics and Business, University of Groningen
  • M.Sc. Economics and Law, Utrecht University


"Probabilistic Survey Questions and Incorrect Answering: Retirement Income Replacement Rates" (2012), with Rob Alessie and Adriaan Kalwij, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 82(1), pp. 267-280.


“Pension wealth and household savings in Europe: Evidence from SHARELIFE” (2013), with Rob Alessie and Viola Angelini, European Economic Review 63, p. 308-328.

Working Papers

“Uncertain Pension Income and Household Saving” (2016). Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series, no. 330.


“Economic Scarcity and Consumers’ Credit Choice” (2016), with Marieke Bos and Chloé le Coq. Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series, no. 329.


“The Importance of Reallocation for Productivity Growth: Evidence from European and US Banking” (2015), with Jaap Bos. Sveriges Riksbank Working Paper Series, no. 296.