Stefan Ingves

Stefan Ingves


Stefan Ingves took up the post of Governor of the Riksbank and Chairman of the Executive Board on 1 January 2006 with a term of office of six years. Ingves term of office has been extended twice (6 years + 5 years) until 31 December 2022.

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Stefan Ingves holds a PhD in economics. Mr Ingves has previously been Chairman of the Basel Committee, Director of the Monetary and Financial Systems Department at the International Monetary Fund, Deputy Governor of the Riksbank and General Director of the Swedish Bank Support Authority. Prior to that he was Under-Secretary and Head of the Financial Markets Department at the Ministry of Finance.

International assignments

  • Chairman of the BIS Banking and Risk Management Committee (BRC) and member of the Board of Directors of the BIS
  • Member of the General Council of the ECB
  • First Vice-Chair of the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB)
  • Governor for Sweden in the IMF
  • Chairman of the Toronto Centre for Global Leadership in Financial Supervision
  • Board Member of the Nordic-Baltic Macroprudential Forum (NBMF)


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Speeches, international commitments

25/10/2018, Introductory remarks by Governor Ingves, panel discussion about "Imagine! Science, Knowledge, and Wisdom in the University of the Future", Åbo Akademi, on the occasion of Åbo University's 100 year anniversary.

2/6/2017, Keynote address by Mr Stefan Ingves, at the IADI Conference on "Designing an Optimal Deposit Insurance System", Basel, 2 June 2017.
Keynote address by Mr Stefan Ingves

11/5/2017, Keynote speech at the conference "Should macroprudential policy target real estate prices?", 11-12 May 2017, Vilnius, Lithuania

Keynote speech by Mr Stefan Ingves

28/4/2017, Dinner speech "The 2016 edition of the European Stock Market Learning Awards Ceremony", 28 April Stockholm, Sweden
Dinner speech by Mr Stefan Ingves

15/3/2017, At the Bundesbank's symposium "Banking supervision in dialogue", 15 March 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

Finalising Basel III

12/10/2015, IIF Annual Membership Meeting, Lima

Speech by Mr Stefan Ingves

5/5/2015, FSB Regional Consultative Group Europe, Berlin
Keynote address by Mr Stefan Ingves

5/11/2014, Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas, BCBS och Financial Stability Institute i Lima, Peru
Basel III implementation – Progress, pitfalls, and prospects

25/9/2014, International Conference of Banking Supervisors, China Banking Regulatory Commission (CBRC).
Opening speech by Mr Stefan Ingves

5/6/2014, Finlands Finansinspektion, Helsingfors. Slides:
Implications of the SSM for the Nordic banking sector

15/5/2014, Speech by Stefan Ingves at De Nederlandsche Bank, Amsterdam, the Netherland

Global liquidity regulation, supervision and risk management

25/4/2014, Speech by Stefan Ingves at the Foreign Bankers Association, Deutsche Bank, Stockholm

The work agenda of the Basel Committee

4/3/2014, Conference arranged by the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) in New York, USA

Restoring confidence in banks

27/2/2014, "Tenth Asia-Pacific High Level Meeting on Banking Supervision", arranged by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Financial Stability Institute (FSI), and the Executives' Meeting of East Asia-Pacific Central Banks Working Group on Banking Supervision (EMEAP WGBS) in Auckland, New Zealand. Hosted by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand.

Banking on leverage

31/1/2014 Basel Committee on Banking Supervision och Financial Stability Institute i Cape Town, Syd Afrika.

Finishing the job: next steps for the Basel Committee

18/11/2013, Basel Committee on Banking Supervisio, Abu Dhabi

Strengthening bank capital – Basel III and beyond

14/10/2013, Banco de Mexico, Mexico

Limits to central bank objectives in a small open economy

12/3/2013, Basel, Switzerland

Where to Next? Priorities and themes for the Basel Committee (link to BIS)

24/1/2013, Cape Town, South Africa

From ideas to implementation (link to BIS)

15/11/2012, Remarks by Mr Stefan Ingves, Governor of Sveriges Riksbank and Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, at the 7th High-Level Meeting jointly organised by the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and the Financial Stability Institute, Panama City, Panama
Current focus of the Basel Committee: Raising the bar (link to BIS)

9/3/2012, Contribution to the Eurofi Newsletter
The importance of a robust liquidity framework (pdf)

16/11/2011, Remarks of Stefan Ingves, Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision and Governor of Sveriges Riksbank, prepared for the FSI-ASBA 6th high-level meeting: "Strengthening financial sector supervision and regulatory priorities in the Americas", San Francisco, United States

Talk is Cheap - Putting Policies into Practice (link to BIS)

Other presentations

19/5/2015, Clarion Hotel Sign, Stockholm

Introduction to the Financial Safety Net Conference


Economic Review 2010:2, s. 5-28 - Stefan Ingves, Mikael Apel and Erik Lenntorp

Monetary policy and financial stability – some future challenges

Economic Commentaries, no. 1 2010 - Johan Gernandt, Leif Pagrotsky, Stefan Ingves
Urgent need for new financial regulations and tools

Economic Commentaries, no. 8 2008 - Stefan Ingves
Financial turbulence – light at the end of the tunnel after weekend meeting in Washington

Economic Commentaries, no. 7 2008 - Stefan Ingves
Give the IMF a stronger role in promoting global financial stability

Economic Review 2008:2, s. 5-22 - Stefan Ingves and Johan Molin
Can the authorities manage crises in the financial system?

Economic Commentaries, no. 3 2008 - Stefan Ingves

The Riksbank's communication policy

Economic Commentaries, no. 2 2008 - Stefan Ingves
The IMF should sharpen its tools

Economic Review 2007:3, s. 31-44 - Stefan Ingves and Göran Lind

Is there an optimal way to structure supervision?

Economic Review 2007:1, s. 5-20 - Stefan Ingves och Göran Lind

Using international sound practices as a basis for banking reforms