Anniversary day

The anniversary day, which will be celebrated on 25 May 2018, is the date the Riksbank and the Riksdag will officially celebrate the 350th anniversary of the Riksbank. A special anniversary conference will be held on the theme "The role of central banks then, now and in the future".

The purpose of the anniversary conference is to mark the anniversary and the Riksbank, to draw attention to the central bank, its history and its role now and in the future. The seminars on the anniversary day shall provide an opportunity for important discussions regarding the roles and tasks of the central bank in the past, present and future.

The conference is divided into two parts. The morning is devoted to a Swedish audience, with invited guests from the Riksdag, the Government, public authorities and the business sector. The afternoon is devoted to an international audience, with invited guests from central banks around the world and other international organisations.

The morning session, which is held in Swedish, is about the role of central banks in society, how this role has changed over time and what challenges lie ahead of us.

The afternoon session, which is held in English, will begin with a presentation of the Riksbank's anniversary book "Sveriges Riksbank and the History of Central Banking". After that there will be a panel discussion concerning the role of central banks in the future.

The anniversary day will conclude with an anniversary dinner at Stockholm City Hall.

Updated 26/01/2018