Anniversary tours

The Riksbank will organise events for the general public in six of the locations around the country where the Riksbank previously had local offices. This is done in the form of an anniversary edition of the Executive Board's monetary policy tours, which are held every year throughout Sweden.

The anniversary tours will consist of the usual seminars and study visit that form part of the Executive Board's monetary policy tour, but during 2018 we will include an event aimed at the general public in the region. Six tours will be organised over the year.

Tours 2018

  • 28 February – 1 March – Luleå, Governor Stefan Ingves
  • 21-22 March – Karlstad, Deputy Governor Martin Flodén
  • 15-16 May – Malmö, Deputy Governor Cecilia Skingsley
  • 24-25 September – Sundsvall, First Deputy Governor Kerstin af Jochnick
  • 9-10 October – Gothenburg, Deputy Governor Henry Ohlsson
  • 13-14 November – Linköping, Deputy Governor Per Jansson
Updated 25/09/2018