Karl Walentin

Karl Walentin


Monetary Policy Department
Research Division
Sveriges Riksbank
SE-103 37 Stockholm, Sweden 

Phone + 46 8 787 04 91
E-mail karl.walentin@riksbank.se

Macroeconomics, macro-labor, financial frictions

Short bio

Karl's main research area is macroeconomics with a focus on business cycles. Karl has done research on the importance of financial factors for the business cycle. For example, he has documented the importance of residential mortgage spreads for cyclical variation in macroeconomic variables. As part of that project he also quantified the macroeconomic effects of mortgage-related large scale asset purchases by the Federal Reserve. Karl has also built and estimated DSGE models of various kinds, both for research and policy purposes. His most recent work concerns issues within macro-labor. Together with Andreas Westermark he is quantifying how volatility of unemployment contributes to the cost of business cycles by reducing the level of GDP. An important amplifying mechanism in this context is learning on-the-job/skill loss when unemployed.
In related work Walentin and Westermark explore the hysteresis effects of human capital and how this helps our understanding of the slow recovery from the Great Recession. Both of these projects utilize a solution algorithm developed by Walentin and Westermark that can handle on-the-job search for jobs with different productivities in a setting with aggregate uncertainty and positive bargaining power of workers.


Karl Walentin's CV


Ph.D., Economics, New York University, 2005.
M.Sc., Economics, Stockholm School of Economics, 1999


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Working Papers

"The costs of macroprudential deleveraging in a liquidity trap’’ (with Jack Chen, Daria Finocchiaro and Jesper Lindé). CEPR Discussion paper No. 14564 April 2020.

“Learning on the Job and the Cost of Business Cycles”, (with Andreas Westermark). Sveriges Rikbank Working Paper Series No. 353. April 2020 (updated June 2020). Resubmitted to AEJ – Macroeconomics

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Work in progress

"Skill loss, job mismatch and the slow recovery from the Great Recession" (with Andreas Westermark)

“Dynamic macroeconomic implications of migration” (with Conny Olovsson and Andreas Westermark)

Earlier papers

"Asset pricing implications of two financial accelerator models"


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