Dialogue with technology companies on an e-krona

Cash is being used to an ever-decreasing extent in Sweden, which has led us central bankers to begin considering whether a digital complement to cash that is guaranteed by the state is needed so that we will be able to promote a safe and efficient payment system in the future, too. Consequently, in March 2017, the Riksbank launched a project with the aim of investigating the need for an e-krona and the possible consequences of introducing such a complement.

The e-krona project has developed a concept for an e-krona and has now had a broad dialogue on this concept to identify the best possible technical solution. The Riksbank has not yet taken any decision to issue an e-krona, but we are continuing the work to ensure we are prepared to take the next step if the Executive Board so decides.

Proposals for technical solutions

The Riksbank has received 33 proposals for technical solutions for the e-krona (see document). All of the proposals received have been evaluated and the companies with the proposals that have been assessed as most interesting at this stage have been invited to a meeting for a dialogue. We have made an overall assessment of the responses based on, for instance, their scope, reference, experience and architecture. To gain a broader overview of the market and the possibilities, the project has chosen to invite both large and small companies, and both established and new market participants, which represent different types of solution for a potential e-krona. The dialogue meetings have aimed to provide the Riksbank with more in-depth knowledge regarding the technical solutions that are currently available or will soon be available.

Thank you to all those who have contributed

The project would like to express its gratitude to everyone who has contributed with proposals for how a technical solution for the e-krona could be designed and will renew contact if it should become suitable to meet at a later stage.

Updated 02/02/2018