The Riksbank’s e-krona project during 2018

During 2018 the Riksbank will further develop the proposed concept for an e-krona produced by the e-krona project and the dialogue with external parties will continue.

The Riksbank has produced an action plan that includes purposes and objectives for the work of the e-krona project during 2018.

The purposes are, on the basis of the e-krona concept in the first interim report:

  • to continue to analyse the Riksbank's possibilities to issue a general digital means of payment,
  • to produce concrete proposals regarding what properties an e-krona should have,
  • to produce concrete proposals regarding an appropriate infrastructure,
  • to look at the legal issues that must be considered so that the Riksbank's mandate to issue an e-krona is clear,
  • to review the proposals for appropriate technology.

The objective is to:

  • draw up a proposal for a concrete concept for an e-krona to enable the Executive Board to make a decision on whether or not to issue an e-krona, if they so wish.

Moreover, the project has the objective of drawing up proposals for appropriate amendments to the legislation prior to a potential introduction of an e-krona.

Updated 21/05/2018