The Swedish payment market

The most common payment methods in Sweden are cards, cash and credit transfers. Cash usage is declining while all types of electronic payment are on the increase and developments are moving rapidly.

Innovative payment services are being launched and new, non-traditional suppliers of payment services are becoming established on the market. The Swish payment service enables payments to be made between bank accounts in real time and round-the-clock. In recent years, Swish has increased substantially in terms of number of users, volumes and values.

Sweden is one of the few countries in the world in which the value of banknotes and coins in circulation is constantly decreasing. The value of cash withdrawals has declined significantly in recent years. Only 20 per cent of all payments in shops are currently made in cash, a low figure compared with many other countries.

The Riksbank's role in the payment area

The Riksbank is interested in the payment market for several reasons. The Riksbank has:

Published material about payments

The Riksbank closely follow developments on the payment market. Comprehensive information about our various publications in the area of payments is given below.

Updated 01/02/2018