Communication for promoting financial stability

The Riksbank has no binding tools to influence participants in the financial system. Instead, we primarily exert influence by communication, both in public and in dialogue with the participants. In this, we strive to be as open and clear as possible, for example concerning the risks we have identified in the system.

The Riksbank's views on financial stability are communicated in several different ways

  • In the Financial Stability Report, the Riksbank presents its assessment of financial stability in Sweden and draws attention to risks that may develop into threats to this.
  • Stability issues are discussed at meetings with participants in Sweden and abroad.
  • The members of the Executive Board hold speeches and participate in public debates where they share their views of financial stability.
  • The Riksbank also gives its view of financial stability in various publications that we issue: Economic Commentaries, Riksbank Studies, staff memos and articles in the journal Sveriges Riksbank Economic Review.
  • At meetings of the Financial Stability Council, the participants discuss financial stability issues and how to counteract financial imbalances.

The Riksbank also spreads knowledge of national and international regulations and expresses its view of these regulations.

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Updated 04/04/2022