Weekly market operations at longer maturities in kronor

The Riksbank is offering the banks the opportunity to borrow an unlimited amount of money on a weekly basis against collateral at three months’ maturity at an interest rate of 0.20 percentage points above the repo rate. This is a new measure to mitigate the effects of the corona pandemic on the Swedish economy.

The banks’ access to liquidity in Swedish krona needs to be strengthened to facilitate their funding and thereby their role as suppliers of credit to Swedish companies. As the current situation on the financial markets is very uncertain, the maturity for the credit will amount to three months.

This offer will not have any upper limit to the amount, other than that following from the Riksbank accepting, for this credit, the same collateral as applies to the Riksbank’s credit in RIX in accordance with the Terms and conditions for RIX and monetary policy instruments.

These market operations will take place every week, on Mondays, and continue until the Riksbank decides otherwise. Monetary policy counterparties can submit bids by telephone between 11.00 and 11.30; refer to the special terms for more information.

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Updated 01/04/2020