2-krona coin

All 2 krona coins minted in 1876 or later were all legal tender up until 30 June 2017.

2-krona coin, minted 1952-1971


  1. Portrait of King Gustaf VI Adolf in profile and the text "Gustaf VI Adolf Sveriges konung" (Gustaf VI Adolf King of Sweden).
  2. Stamp of the Swedish Mint.
  3. Monogram of the director of the Mint.


  1. The greater national coat of arms below a royal crown.
  2. Legend: King Gustaf VI Adolf's motto "Plikten framför allt" (Duty first).
  3. The coat of arms with the figure "2" on one side and "kr" on the other side.
  4. Year of minting, separated by the royal orb.


Colour: Silver.
Metal content: 1952–1966 – silver, copper, nickel and zinc. 1968–1971 – alloy of copper and nickel.
Weight: 14.00 grammes.
Diameter: 31.00 millimetres.
Thickness: 2.17 millimetres.
Edge: Milled.

Updated 25/01/2018

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