Study of the Riksbank’s future settlement service

During 2021, the Riksbank will carry out a preliminary study on the functioning of its future settlement service for large-value payments . As part of the preliminary study, the Riksbank has sent out a consultation to market participants.

The current settlement system for large-value payments, the Riksbank’s RIX system, was launched in 2009 and has functioned well. Since then, new technologies and services have emerged, which compete to an increasing extent with the traditional payment systems, both nationally and internationally. This development may lead to requirements for new functions and affect the participants in the RIX system. It is therefore important for the Riksbank to acquire a good knowledge of the needs of the participants in the RIX system and how these needs can be met.

The aim of the preliminary study is to produce a base for the Riksbank’s decision on the future settlement system for payments.

Some issues for analysis are what functionality is required to supply an efficient system for the settlement of payment transactions, how to ensure appropriate security, and what are the needs of the market.

The Riksbank’s intention is to continue offering the market a modern, cost-effective and secure system for the settlement of payments in central bank money.

The Riksbank has sent the consultation to the participants in the RIX system, the Swedish Bankers’ Association and P27.

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Updated 19/02/2021