The Swedish Financial Market

The most recent edition of the Swedish Financial Market is from 2016.

The Swedish Financial Market gives a detailed description of the financial sector in Sweden. The topics covered include the equity market, the fixed income and foreign exchange markets, and their derivatives markets, banks, insurance companies, securities companies and the major systems for payments in Sweden.

In addition to presenting statistics for the financial sector's different components, the publication also explains how these markets, institutions and systems work and what their main functions are in the economy.

The publication is mainly based on annual data. The dating of the publication was changed in 2003 at the same time as the graphic profile. From 2003 it is dated according to the time of publication. Previously it was dated according to the year to which the statistics referred. As a result, there is no issue called The Swedish Financial Market 2002, but this does not mean that there is a gap in the statistics.

Updated 01/02/2018

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