Dilan Ölcer

Dilan Ölcer


Financial Stability Department
Sveriges Riksbank
SE-103 37 Stockholm, Sweden

Telefon +46 (0)76 725 66 98
E-post dilan.olcer@riksbank.se

Financial Innovation, Political Economics, Macroprudential Policy, and Development Economics

Short bio

Dilan Ölcer joined the Financial Stability Department of the Riksbank in August 2013. Dilan obtained her PhD in Economics from Sciences Po Paris in 2013 and was a visiting fellow at Harvard University during 2009-2010. Dilan holds a Master's degree in International Economics and Business from the Stockholm School of Economics and a CEMS Master's degree in International Management from HEC Paris and the Stockholm School of Economics. Prior to joining the Riksbank, Dilan's research focused on political economics, development economics and oil-and gas-rich economies. At the Riksbank, Dilan's work has focused on financial innovation and policy dimensions of systemic risks in the financial sector.


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Ph.D. in Economics, Sciences Po, France, 2013.
M.Sc. in International Economics and Business, Stockholm School of Economics, 2007.
CEMS Master's in International Management, HEC Paris and Stockholm School of Economics, 2006.

Riksbank policy publications

"Asset Valuations and Financial Stability" (with Giordani, P., Grodecka, A., Kwan, S., Morales, P., and Spector, E.), Economic Commentaries, No. 15. 2015, Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm.

"An Analysis of the Debt-to-Income Limit as a Policy Measure" (with Alfelt, G. and Lagerwall, B.), Economic Commentaries, No. 8. 2015, Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm.

"How Indebted are the Swedish Households?" (with Winstrand, J.), Economic Commentaries, No. 1, 2014. Sveriges Riksbank, Stockholm.