Press and published

Under the heading "Press & published" you can find all of the Riksbank's publications, including reports, press releases and speeches. The Monetary Policy Report is published three times a year, and contains the Riksbank's views of the future path of Swedish inflation. The Financial Stability Report is published twice a year, and contains the Riksbank's views on the stability of the financial system in Sweden.

Film about the Riksbank building

There is a lot of interest in the Riksbank building, both in Sweden and internationally. For this reason the Riksbank has produced a film about the architecture and history of the building.

About household debt

A collection of the information on the mortgage market and household debt that has been published on the Riksbank's website.

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In conjunction with the publication of the repo rate decision, we offer the opportunity to chat with one of the Riksbank's Governors. You can also read questions and answers here afterwards.

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