2018 - Sveriges Riksbank reaches the age of 350

Loggo for the Riksbank's 350th anniversary

Sveriges Riksbank reaches the age of 350. We are marking this with a number of activities. In this way, we wish to disseminate knowledge about the Riksbank's role in the Swedish economy and about important future issues.

We will be publishing a commemorative book, “Sveriges Riksbank 350 years: a central bank in a world of central banks”, will be holding events at six of the places where the Riksbank had regional offices and will be inviting the general public into an open day at our main office at Brunkebergstorg.

In May, there will also be an anniversary conference in cooperation with the Riksdag. The hosts will be the Speaker of the Riksdag, the Chair of the General Council of the Riksbank and the Governor of the Riksbank. The conference will be concluded with an anniversary dinner at Stockholm City Hall.