Economists at the Research Division

  • Jesper Lindé

    Jesper Lindé Head of Research
    Monetary and fiscal policy, open economy macroeconomics, credit risk modelling

  • Christoph Bertsch

    Christoph Bertsch Economist
    Banking, Financial Stability, FinTech, Transparency, Communication

  • Paola Boel

    Paola Boel Senior economist
    Monetary economics and macroeconomics

  • Daria Finocchiaro

    Daria Finocchiaro Senior economist
    Monetary economics, DSGE models

  • Isaiah Hull

    Isaiah Hull Senior economist
    Computational economics, macroeconomics, finance, time series

  • Tor Jacobson

    Tor Jacobson Senior Advisor
    Empirical corporate finance, banking and credit risk

  • Thomas Jansson

    Thomas Jansson Senior Economist
    Household finance, real estate finance, behavioral finance

  • Conny Olovsson

    Conny Olovsson Senior Economist
    Macroeconomics, international economics, climate economics, economic growth

  • Karl Walentin

    Karl Walentin Advisor
    Macroeconomics, macro-labor, financial frictions

  • Andreas Westermark

    Andreas Westermark Advisor
    Macroeconomics, monetary policy, labor economics, monetary history, bargaining

  • David Vestin

    David Vestin Senior Advisor
    Monetary policy, term-structure models, macroeconomics

  • Erik von Schedvin

    Erik von Schedvin Senior economist
    Empirical banking, corporate finance, credit- and default risk

  • Xin Zhang

    Xin Zhang Senior economist
    Econometrics, financial economics, credit risk


Updated 05/01/2018