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There are 480 people working at the Riksbank and we are located at Brunkebergstorg in central Stockholm. We work in a dynamic environment where many exciting and complicated questions are discussed.

Available vacancies

Available vacancies

How do I apply for a job at the Riksbank?

Here we have gathered some frequently asked questions about the recruitment process at the Riksbank.

The recruitment process at the Riksbank

Degree projekt at the Riksbank

Each year, the Riksbank offers assistant supervision for thesis projects to a limited number of master’s students in economics and statistics enrolled at Swedish universities.

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Trainee positions and summer jobs

There is great interest in trainee positions and summer jobs at the Riksbank. Unfortunately, as a rule we cannot offer opportunities for either summer jobs or trainee positions. If you would like to start working for us, we recommend you keep an eye open for vacancies here on our website. Good luck in finding a job!

Available vacancies