Payments Report 2024

Safety, efficiency and accessibility

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Safety, efficiency and accessibility

Are payments in Sweden efficient?

Payments in Sweden are, on the whole, efficient. Digital payments cost less than cash payments and so help reduce the consumption of resources at the societal level. However, some types of payment have evolved more slowly than others. For example, more types of payments should be instantaneous and cross-border payments need to be faster and cheaper.

Symbols with three payment methods. Computer, mobile phone and payment card. Dashed lines between the symbols and one symbol with a shopping cart, another with a bag.

Published: 14 March 2024

What is needed to ensure payments are efficient?

The costs to society, including energy consumption, for different methods of payment should be low. Fees should be transparent and payments should be quick and easy. There shall also be healthy competition between operators offering payment services. This means, among other things, that the payment system must be accessible to different types of operators who want to offer payment services.