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The Riksbank collects International Bank Statistics (IRIS) on a regular basis from the first quarter of 2023. On this page, the Riksbank will continuously publish information on the reporting of IRIS.

About the reporting

The types of institution affected by IRIS are monetary financial institutions, which includes banks and credit market companies, as well as Swedish branches of foreign banks and credit market companies.

IRIS consists of two parts, IRIS Locational Banking Statistics (IRIS LBS) for monetary financial institutions based in Sweden, and IRIS Consolidated Banking Statistics (IRIS CBS), which comprises Swedish-owned banking groups. For each calendar year, the Riksbank determines which institutions shall report IRIS LBS and IRIS CBS. The selection is made to cover Swedish-owned monetary financial institutions with significant foreign-related activities and, for LBS, major foreign-owned institutions. LBS and CBS are collected by the Riksbank for further delivery to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) within the framework of International Banking Statistics (IBS).

Reporting is made in XML format and must be submitted every quarter on the final banking day of the month following the quarter to which the report refers.

For questions regarding IRIS, please email

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Updated 15/06/2023