The Riksbank’s Statute Book

The Riksbank's Statute Book contains the regulations and general guidelines adopted by the Riksbank.

Regulations are binding rules while general guidelines are general recommendations on how acts of parliament, ordinances and regulations can or should be applied.

Some of the Riksbank's regulations, which are of general interest, are published in the Swedish Code of Statutes instead of the Riksbank's Statute Book. The Swedish Code of Statutes contains the Riksbank's regulations on the design of banknotes and coins and regulations on commemorative coins, as well as announcement of the Riksbank's reference rate.

If you are looking for a regulation that you cannot find on this page, please contact the Riksbank registry office.

The rules that apply to the Riksbank's Statute Book are contained in the Act (1982:1255) on Statute Books for the Riksdag Administration, the Riksbank and the National Audit Office.

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Updated 11/01/2024