The Riksbank archives

The Riksbank’s archives are open to researchers by agreement with the Bank’s archivists. The archives contain documents from 1900 onwards. Older records are kept in the National Archives in Arninge and can be searched via the National Archival Database (NAD).

The core of the Riksbank's archives comprises the minutes of Governing Board and Executive Board meetings, which chiefly consist of chronologically ordered documents received by the Governing Board as well as file copies of outgoing correspondence. The first means of reference to these record series is composed both of the chronological records of received correspondence and notes of measured taken, and of a personal and subject register for these letters and minutes. The Bank's bookkeeping records are accessible in complete, separate series, as is comprehensive statistical data. A centralised main journal, introduced in 1994, includes the majority of the Riksbank's more recent records, arranged in chronological series.

In addition to these core records, the archives contain extensive material of an economic, legal and historical nature that has been filed according to department. The Riksbank's archives are more a reflection of the Bank's activities than its organisation, however, even though the ambition has been to follow the principle of provenance – that records of the same origin must not be intermingled with those of any other origin.
The archives also contain some Riksbank Governors' and Deputy Governors' more or less private records, including those of Ivar Rooth and Carl-Göran Lemne.

Records in the Riksbank archives can be searched via a systematic inventory.

Contact the Riksbank's archivists via the main switch, tel. +46 8 787 00 00, or write to

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Updated 18/01/2018