Monetary policy decision documents

Normally, the Riksbank makes five monetary policy decisions per year. These decisions are published in a special document on the day following each monetary policy meeting. This document describes the Riksbank’s monetary policy decision, along with the reasons for the decision.

Monetary policy decision documents

As of 2023, monetary policy decision documents are being published in their current form as part of our adjustment to the new Sveriges Riksbank Act. Previously, the Riksbank did not publish separate decision documents on the policy rate, although it did publish decisions on other monetary policy measures. Policy rate decisions from 2022 and earlier are included in the Monetary Policy Reports and the minutes of the monetary policy meetings.

The Monetary Policy Reports, also published the day after each monetary policy meeting, include details of the Riksbank’s monetary policy strategy, the decisions taken, the reasons for them and the Riksbank’s assessment of the outlook for the economy and inflation based on the policy rate path that a majority of the Executive Board considers to be a well-balanced monetary policy.

The minutes of the monetary policy meetings are published about 10 days after each meeting and include the opinions expressed by the various members of the Executive Board.

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Updated 26/04/2023